Tax services for individuals / sole traders

Individuals may find it a daunting task to file their tax returns accurately, and on time. The main concern for everyone is ‘am I getting the maximum refund compared my friend/colleague who is doing the same job, or am I paying too much in taxation’ ?

The fact that new laws are added and existing laws keep changing, simply adds to the confusion. There are so many regulations to remember, deductions to consider, ensure records are up to date etc.

Even for a relatively simple tax return, it can be easy to miss opportunities for credits and deductions or make errors that become more significant problems with the ATO down the line.

Protax prepares your return with sophisticated software and a careful eye for detail to ensure that you enjoy the maximum refund you’re entitled to and pay the right amount of taxes.

Depending on your level of income and aspirations, you may want to set up a company , trust or a partnership. As part of our services, we will discuss the tax structure that’s right for you, and do the set up and compliance work, so that you receive a ‘one stop shop’ solution.

Some of the benefits of working with us are:

  • Identify opportunities to save money – Some of the highest tax savings come from deductions, credits, and other tax break opportunities. These are numerous and may or may not apply based on your unique tax situation, potentially leading to missed opportunities. Our comprehensive evaluation of your unique situation means that you won’t miss out on what you can claim
  • Thorough review – Before filing your tax return, we double-check for accuracy and any lingering errors. Furthermore, your return is scrutinized by advanced tax software to minimize the potential for an ATO audit.
  • E-filing – We electronically file your tax return to the ATO for quicker processing, resulting in an earlier refund!

Our tax services for individuals are listed below:

  1. Tax returns for employees and wage earners
  2. Investment property specialists
  3. Sole trader returns and BAS
  4. Personal ABN income and small businesses
  5. Personal ABN setup and family tax planning