Financial management and company secretarial services

Financial management is about gearing financial resources to manage the business today and into the future. It’s about intelligently allocating resources to areas of growth and profitability while eliminating non-value adding activities. This requires an outside-in approach, lots of analysis, budgeting, forecasting and tracking actuals against those budgets.

Every business needs strong financial control and management to thrive in todays competitive market. But companies may not have the scale or the inclination to hire full time expertise. Protax has a wealth of experience across multiple industries and various stages of growth from start up through to growth, maturity and even divestiture to ensure that you grow value in a sustainable manner.

Some of the benefits of working with us are:

  • We don’t experiment – The team at Protax have worked across multiple industries and are able to provide tried and tested techniques to help grow your business and profitability depending on which stage of business you’re in
  • We take a stakeholder view – In todays modern business world, business is not only run for profit but for purpose. We work with businesses to understand their stakeholders and what their objectives are, so that we build businesses with strong a foundation that generate profit with purpose
  • Focus on key value drivers – Financial management isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about identifying what drives a company’s value and maintaining a laser focus on those activities so that money and effort is spent on value adding activities and non value adding tasks are eliminated

Our financial management services are listed below

  1. Business planning
  2. Competitor and industry analysis
  3. Identify growth and efficiency improvement opportunities
  4. Prepare budgets and KPIs
  5. Develop financial strategies
  6. Business coaching and mentoring
  7. Exit strategy planning
  8. Due diligence prior to business acquisitions

Our company secretarial services are listed below

  1. ASIC agent and company secretarial services
  2. Drafting of resolutions
  3. Drafting of minutes and consent letters
  4. All ASIC related changes

Our State Revenue Office (SRO) Services

  1. Stamp duty certificates for Trusts